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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  July 13, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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area. >> it prohibits customers from coming down here. they don't want to be stuck with the streets toward up. >> they say they have city funds to fix broken sidewalks but future redeveloping is now just a vision for many cities, something they hope to have down the road. some cities have actually sent protest letters along with their payment back to the state and other cities have threatened to file lawsuits and they say 10 percent penalty. as for the city of hayward, they say that it will pay it back but they just need to figure out ways to clean up their city again. >> i am not a lawyer but it looks to me like those sites which are exposed and not finished are also a safety hazard for the city of hayward and other cities? >> i posed that question to city leaders and they say that there are funds to clean up the sidewalks and the safety issues on hand here but when it comes to redevelopment and low-income housing, to spurs that up, the money is not there.
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>> at least it will get the first part done. thank you. >> and east bay community hard hit by foreclosures is putting pressure on banks to clean them up. the idea is to shine a spotlight on the homes and buildings falling into disrepair. don ford is here with the worst of the worst. >> i don't know about you, but my stomach is kind of irritated by the smell and the odor. >> the stench inside of this house is overwhelming. the first house on a bus tour organized by the richmond community group " base " of foreclosed and abandoned houses. >> there are prostitutes coming in here to turn tricks. in these buildings that are left like this. >> this crack house is filled with mold, the refrigerator is filthy and disgusting and the sink is even worse. now red tagged by the city. but there is good news. richmond code enforcement says
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that bank of america, which owns the house, has hired a crew to clean it up. tim says that it is a good first start. >> and this is what banks need to start doing. they need to step up and manage their properties. >> in this case it looks like they are? >> it looks like they are. >> but there's no shortage of foreclosed and abandoned homes, building after building, three in a row here. some are large commercial buildings. the groups are not only putting banks on notice but making their presence known in the neighborhoods, alerting people that houses are being watched, even alleyways that connect the empty houses. richmond is not the only city with this problem. but the mayor said that ridging has been hit especially hard. >> it is always the more low- income communities who have been tricked and manipulated into these loan situations.
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>> bases here to make sure something happens. >> organizers say that the goal of the tour is to pressure banks to take more responsibility for the many foreclosed properties in richmond. they say that they are sick and tired of the crime and blight associated with these houses. the >> for former recruiters for the academy of art university in san fransisco say that the school was drawn up their own rules to entice applicants. all at the government's expense. the former employees are suing the school in federal court, claiming that their pay was adjusted based on how many students registered. and they say the school then lied about it to the feds to boost financial aid pay out. but the school says that its method was allowable under a legal loophole that existed at the time. >> a two year-old boy dead in the wake of a house fire in san bruno this morning and his grandparents are in the hospital tonight, one of them in critical
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condition. it happen on a cul-de-sac, lake drive, 8:45 a.m.. joe vasquez reports that investigators think a religious shrine sparked the fire. >> it breaks my heart. it really does. >> this neighbor describes the chaotic scene after a fire ripped through this house on lake drive. seriously injuring two grandparents and killing a two year-old boy that there were babysitting. >> they were screaming. >> family members have identified the two year-old, his parents arrived quickly on the scene, his mother promptly fainted. >> they brought her back to the van and rushed to hospital. >> the fire started on the second floor in a hallway closet around a 40 5:00 a.m.. some construction workers next door moved quickly and put up a ladder and ended up rescuing a man in his '30's. fire officials say that a candle in a religious shrine maybe the cause. >> usually what hindu people do
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is that they have a shrine and house and prayed to it. that is what we mainly due every day. >> there are candles in the shrine? >> yes, just a small little candles. >> now he praise for his grandparents recovery and he is mourning the loss of his two year-old cousin. >> q was a little bad boy. that is all that i know, he messed around my house. going crazy. but i love that guy. i truly loved him. >> the fire happened a few miles from the side of the pg&e's explosion. firefighters are receiving counseling after experiencing yet another horrific scene. >> fire crews are getting more help battling a wildfire burning in the sierra foothills. today the governor called in more resources to fight what is being called the robbers fire. it is threatening 150 homes in placer county, burning in a heavily wooded area between forest hill and colfax.
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nick janes is near the fire with a latest on the fight. >> late word tonight that about a dozen of those 150 structures are actually in serious danger. the flames have crept within feet of a dozen homes in the yankee gyms area which is one of the initial areas that were evacuated three days ago. behind us you can still see the big puffy cloud of smoke from this fire, it shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. >> you get everything in line, and mother nature does its best. >> at the mercy of mother nature ... firefighters know that since condition still are not cooperating, >> we still have a lot of work ahead of us. >> we're out of triple digits temperatures but not out of the woods yet. on day three this fire is still on the attack now making a run north to the tiny town of iowa hill where evacuation are already in effect. the fire is also making a run in the yankee jim area. winds to the south are fanning the fire that has grown beyond
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11 a.. >> the fire that you see behind us, very easily could bring the fuel it has already burned above, and do what it did yesterday. >> limited resources and of access on their mountain roads means that firefighters on the front lines are faced with tough choices. some of these funds are burning at very tough spots. for example this one is on a hillside, difficult to get to from the air because there are so many trees. and on the ground near a roads. they would have to devote a number of engine so instead they are letting the funds had up the hillside to an existing containment line in the hope that all this fuel will use itself up. >> we do not want any embers, mass sides of we of course monitoring the road. >> patrols on the ground keeping a close eye on containment. in the air they're getting the smoldering hillsides but until the win columns and the temperatures drop it will be an uphill battle for the screws, still fighting for the upper hand. the main culprit at this point is the wind, it is has shifted
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will times today. yesterday it was pushing the exact opposite direction and as long as the wind continues to play tricks with this fire, firefighters will have a tough time getting a handle on this one. unpredictable conditions. >> we had a big cool down in the bay area and i'm wondering what the temperatures are where you are. roughly. >> above 100 yesterday and today it has did into the '90s. daschle started off in the '80s so firefighters were initially expressing optimism that it would have a quiet day but by midafternoon it got hotter and the wind picked up and we are in the same boat, where the fire made significant runs. >> we are hoping for some relief. thank you. >> the san jose city fire department will soon be hiring again. thanks to a massive federal grants. the fire department is getting an $8.6 million federal safety grants to hire and train more than two dozen badly needed recruits. this is the biggest amount handed out as part of the fema "
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safer " program. the department says that the extra personnel will also cut down on overtime expense. >> we are a very low staff fire department, one of lowest staff for a major city in the country. in fact we are the lowest staff for the top 25 population cities in this country. >> the 27 new recruits could be working by early next year. >> other bay area headlines, two brothers from oakland have been sentenced to more than a decade in prison for a 2010 home invasion-robbery in antioch. the brothers shot their parents of two children before the kid's father fired back, killing a third brother. the parents survived, the kids were not hurt. the brothers are also suspects in a violent home invasion- robbery in piedmont. rattlesnakes are biting in record numbers in santa clara county. california poison control has received 48 percent more calls this spring as compared to last year. they usually emerge from
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hibernation in april. a south bay church raises thousands of dollars to replace instrument stolen in a series of robberies. thieves hit the our lady of guadalupe church free time since june 29th. they stole $25,000 worth of band instruments. last night parishioners held a fund-raiser and raised $19,000. >> they're moving out, not because a police, why so many prostitutes are shifting to another bay area city? >> since inmates are pouring into bay area prisons, a crowded county jail could expand. the message printed on yellow ribbons. >> how the buzz over the god ,,,,,,
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>> it is a bay area city with a
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reputation for safety but that good record comes with an interesting side effect, len ramirez is here with why san jose is fast becoming a hot spot for the sex trade. >> well, it has to do with their reputation of being a very safe big city. a lot of prostitutes from other areas are attracted here because it is a safer place to do business and they will not tolerate it here in san jose but one hotel reaction to the problem that has been identified maybe even bigger than the prostitution itself. >> this hotel is being sued by the city of san jose in civil court for condoning and profiting from prostitution. the mayor says that san jose has been attractive to prostitutes from around california because the streets are less violence. >> prostitutes and people come here because it is a safe place to do business. it is a safe big city but it is not something that we tolerate. so we have taken some aggressive steps to deal with this. >> inside of the hotel office we
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found the front desk clerk was more than willing to talk about the problem. >> there's still a lot prostitution. >> as long as her attorney was present and her face was hidden. >> it was not as bad when i first started. >> once the owners and managers were notified of the lawsuit and unusual hand written posted memo appeared on the front desk for employees to follow. >> we do have a sign that says oakland, fresno, richmond, hayward, vallejo, sacramento, do not rent. do not rent to hooker's because we have been renting to them. >> the note also says that employees renting to someone on that list will be written up. >> it is basically racism, and that they're cleaning up their acts because of the fact we are now under investigation because they're being sued. >> i relocated here from new jersey because i was accepted into a postgraduate program. >> one young black woman that was formed to stay the week was shocked after hearing this list
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and decided to check out. >> it is rude and arrogant because by looking and he would not be able to tell that i just graduated from college and i just received my bachelor of arts. >> the courts attorney says this may be one way of dealing with the problem but it violates anti-discrimination law. >> she got written instructions not saying to rent to young african-americans. that is illegal. >> the owners of the hotel could not be reached for comment but the court says that she is speaking out to be on the record, opposing what she has been asked to do, >> what, every black person is a hooker? >> a court date has been set for the end of the month and the city will have to present a lot of evidence in court to prove its case and if it does prevail in court, its intention is not only to shut this hotel down but also to send a clear message to other hotels in san jose who may be doing the same type of thing that this will not be tolerated here in san jose. >> i cannot imagine a list of some rights violations that it would face because of that?
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>> the things we heard today were a little bit surprising. they will have a lot of issues to talk about, not only the prostitution but also their method of dealing with it, by having that list of people that it will not rent rooms to. you cannot make a blanket statement like that. >> thank you. >> there is a battle brewing over another uncomfortable over crowding issue, this one at and east a jail. ann mackovic tells us why one group is fighting plans to add more housing for inmates. >> wearing yellow ribbons sing " invest in people, not in jails, dozens came speak out against a plan to extend a detention facility in richmond. >> these county should be accountable to their communities and investing in social services and education and actual fundamental local law enforcement. >> the $3 million proposal will build an outfit a prefab steel building for 120 inmates.
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>> we realize this is a large number but this is a number that we believe we need to successfully accomplish what we're trying to do. >> that is because a new policy is sending people to county jails instead of state prisons. right now 230 extra inmates are housed in contra costa county, the money for the new building would come from state funding. >> we have a lot of other alternatives besides incarceration. >> a community organization offered other proposals like ankle bracelets for low-level offenders. >> we would love to have those types of options. >> he says many offenders are gang members that need to be kept apart. they want to stop holding undocumented immigrants for the feds. >> why are we spending county money to do a federal government job when the federal government has billions of dollars in its budget? >> the sherrif has a responsibility to keep the community safe and that is what he was elected for and that is his mindset, he'll keep the community sas and possibly can.
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>> no decision was made this morning, that could come as soon as august 2nd and the proposal goes to the full board of supervisors. in richmond, cbs 5. >> apple made an about-face on their environmental policies, they rejoined the rating system which rates the environmental impact of electronics. the company faced backlash from consumers, government agencies, in schools when it dropped out of the program this month. today apple called that decision " a mistake ". but experts tell us that there may be more going on here. >> it is more likely that what is happening behind the scenes is a give-and-take between the groups organization and apple itself to adjust the standards of applicant's score well in it. >> san fransisco had previously said they could not continue to buy apple products because of a city ordinance only allowing green certified electronics. today the city department of environment said " apple's continued participation in the
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program is consistent with their longstanding commitment to environmental stewardship ". >> a group of uc-berkeley researchers that helped discover the so-called god particle spoke publicly, so how many people showed up for a lecture on theoretical physics? >> i am a the campus fire marshals, we cannot have this many people in here, it is not designed for this. if you have a seat, you can remain but if you do not, i'm sorry but you have to exit. >> hundreds of people were turned away when a fire marshal clear the aisles and the doorways and the hallways. we cannot even begin to get into the science that was discussed but the turnout surprised even the physicist. >> ok roberta. surprise us. >> i think it surprised a lot of people today when we had 50 different shades of gray in san fransisco today. we certainly did, cooling up to 25 degrees in and around the microclimates.
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good evening everyone, let's take a look at the day's highs. anywhere between the 50's at the beaches, and 25 degrees cooler in fairfield. 24 degrees cooler in concord and livermore. you felt the difference, right? oakland 14 degrees cooler in san fransisco checking in at 57 degrees. never saw the sunshine at all. down from 72 degrees experienced on thursday. that is the reason why. very thick stack of low clouds and fog streaming in off of the coast. 2,000 ft. deep in fact we will see condensation in the form of drizzle but take a look at the temperatures. if you're going out tonight you'll definitely need a jacket. now looking at mt. diablo, this is misleading because it is colder at 64 degrees and breezy wind up to 24 m.p.h., a little bit of drizzle to kick start your saturday morning and then sunshine. 50's for the overnight low. very comfortable sleeping weather otherwise this is the marine layer pushing on shore, 60 mi. due east, as far north as
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santa rosa and as far south as monterey bay. take a while to retrieve tomorrow but it will because it has been enhanced by an area of low pressure to the north that will kick out to the use of the bottom line is that the mergers will gradually, and recover, 50's at the beaches and '60s and '70s along the peninsula but a strong west wind. 82 degrees will be outside #at morgan hill and gilroy. mountain house as well. 79 degrees in dublin and meanwhile in the central bay the '60s, while the north bay toss off at 83 in navato. we'll talk more about your 7 day forcast. straight ahead. >> they waited so long for something that many school children take for granted. what these bay area children and their parents lined up to get? >> what is being blamed for a,,,
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>> hundreds of parents lined up in san jose for the chance to get their kids off to a better start at school this year. the line for the annual sacred heart community back pack drive stretch around the block. nothing was given away today. this was an opportunity for parents to sign their children up for the drive. each back packs includes school supplies and there something else that comes with it. >> do you see them getting confident? >> absolutely, because they can look like their peers that have moressets and their families. they can start the year right and really focus on the challenges of their math and english education levels, and then start dreaming about college. >> organizers expect that they will need 2300 back packs to match the demand. >> a new category of homeless converging on the upscale city of palo alto. young techies hopefully making
6:25 pm
it big in silicon valley. a growing number of future entrepeneurs are living in their cars. there are few shelters and the cost of renting an apartment is sky high. add to that palo alto is one of the few bay area cities that allows people to sleep in their cars. >> you can stay, sometimes it is much better. they do not really pressure you, as long as you keep the area clean and tidy where you are. >> all but he has to do is move his car every 72 hours. people in palo alto are putting pressure on the city to crack down on overnight parking. >> a driver in new jersey faces drunken-driving charges after a crash that sent his car spinning through the air. surveillance cameras capture him running a red light and smashing into traffic and and toppling a traffic signal pole. this happened just outside of new york city two weeks ago. the driver suffered only minor injuries, no one else was hurt.
6:26 pm
>> supporters promised california drivers that it will save money. the issue that will be in the hands of voters. why it could be more costly down the road. >> full speed ahead for bart. the milestone for a new connection. >> governor jerry brown alters the,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> >> this november you will be asked to vote on a bill that supporters say could save you hundreds of dollars per year on car insurance. political reporter grace lee is here with how it's supposed to work and why some watchdog groups say that it could actually cost you. >> depending on which side you ask, the initiative will either at a discount or a surcharge. so supporters say it is a discount that will make car insurance more affordable. but the opponents say that it is a surcharge and the only ones that will benefit are the insurance companies. >> driving your car could get cheaper if the automobile insurance initiative passes this november. at least according to supporters which include a group of insurance companies. >> what you will end up seeing is not only will you have lower prices because of competition but also more consumers will be
6:30 pm
inclined to buy insurance. >> opponents say it is based on a loyalty discounts that is already offered in 40 other states. meaning that if you had stayed with your insurance company and you get a discount for being loyal, and you can take that discount with you to another company that would theoretically offer a lower base rate. >> consumers should be rewarded for following the law and this is what this initiative will do. >> supporters say the average driver spends $1,700 per year on car insurance in california. say yes to this initiative and you could save $300 per year. opponents are skeptical that this will actually help consumers. >> we know what the insurance companies will do, anything it takes to raise rates and charge people more. this initiative is just another attempt to pick our pockets and that is why we are opposing it. >> he says it is not about increasing competition, he says the ballot initiative will penalize commuters, taking part for a couple of years, or choose
6:31 pm
a zip-car instead of having your own insurance and this initiative could be a barrier to those trying to get back into the market. he seized the initiative as a surcharge. >> for every californian who has never taken time out of their car because they were taking public transportation or just did not needed or maybe cannot afford it for a while, this is an attack on your access to the insurance market. once you need to get into a car again. >> supporters say that is not completely true. a similar initiative failed in 2,000 t of this time the want to include more people including some in years that some driving for a while of to five years and is also offers exceptions to those in the military and kids that still live with their parents. they're trying to make it appealing for a wider group of people. >> more people, but the need to look closely at the fine print because they're both selling a good story. >> thank you. >> crews are halfway finished on a project to get people from bart to oakland international
6:32 pm
airport. cate caugurian shows us that their work is becoming more evidence. >> the first murder is now on the oakland airport connector. a symbol that this bart connection is right on track. the connector will link bored him and the oakland coliseum to the airport running along this road, leaders say it will put the cities on the map. >> in the future as soon as the airport connector is open, the nearest bart station is your gateway to the airports and anywhere in the world. >> passerby's can see the progress but what you can see is the progress in the oakland economic development. >> i feel like i am making history. >> the airport connector give jobs to more than 500 workers, most from the bay area. >> it was awesome because for a long time i knew that this is what i wanted to do and i did not know how to get into the field because there are not that many women in the field.
6:33 pm
but i did it. >> city leaders say that this project is not only extending bart but they hope the community in a struggling economy. >> there's no other place in oakland where there is economic developments that is taking place in the city, then the district in which i represent. >> here is time lapse video of the construction so far. the construction started in march 2011 and is halfway complete. >> destruction is expected to wrap up later this year and then they will begin the testing phase before the first ride in 2014. >> heads up for drivers, the dumbarton bridge will be closed. completely closed over labor day weekend. crews will take the opportunity to complete the seismic retrofit projects. they will work through the holiday weekend. there are encouraged to take public transportation or another
6:34 pm
route. >> you can text while you drive next year as long as you do not use your hands. a lot was signed allow california drivers to send text messages handsfree while driving, using a voice activated devices. drivers can listen to messages again as long as no hands are in malls. visa, mastercard, forced to forfeit seven and a quarter billion dollars to settle an antitrust case. the dispute involves payments that merchants paid in credit card transactions. the merchants in the settlement include the national association of convenience stores and safeway. >> there may be more losses to come from the bad trade that crossed j.p. morgan chase. that is nearly three times the amount it originally estimated. the ceo of j.p. morgan chase thinks that the loss has been mostly contained but he did fire
6:35 pm
the managers involved in the trading blunder. >> ltd. the problem and are making changes. time will tell if they really are. >> someone has made a profit. there's another side to this trade. we just don't know who that is. >> investors appear relieved. jp morgan has been most of this mess behind it. the stock is up 6% with strong earnings launching a rally, the dow jumped 204 points today snapping a six day slump. the nasdaq and s&p may double digit gains. >> product arrived in pieces and those pieces did not fit. the ordeal that one man's face after he did not get what he expected and the one thing that customer should always ask for. >> everyone wants to wear as little as possible when it is hot. >> the heat brings more business to this nudist resort.
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>> your next order from amazon could be delivered the same day. the financial times reports that the retailer is setting up new distribution centers in states that charge sales tax. analysts think that could mean that amazon is moving towards offering same-day delivery after they have always fought hard to collect sales tax. they say that same day delivery could help amazon maintain a competitive edge. >> he expected his furniture would arrive assembled but instead it arrived in pieces and i was just the beginning. julie watts is here with the month-long headache that followed. >> if he knew that he had to put this couch together, he says that he never would have bought it. no matter how hard he has tried the pieces will fit.
6:39 pm
>> i tried it four times and i realize there was something wrong. >> the backboard is missing a whole keeping it from being screwed to the seat. and he has not been able to get a replacement. >> he says that he will fix the problem but he never does. >> i probably never thought he would have because it was supposed to be delivered assembled. the department of consumer affairs says that you can back out and ask for a refund. >> he had an opportunity to refuse delivery at that point because it was not what he was expecting. >> the store's owner classes and a replacement part by fedex but it was returned however you cannot provide a tracking number rustproof. >> if he had shifted, he would have a shipping number. >> after five months with no couch, finally some good news for nt. the day the cameras showed up, the store loaded up a brand new couch and now we can relax. >> i am very happy that got six.
6:40 pm
>> the lesson here is that when you order something assembled you can review shipmen if it arrives in pieces and in his case, it was a phone order and he was never given a receipt. always ask for an itemized receipts of that you can prove exactly what you paid for. if you have a consumer problem, to us a call or head to watch. >> it is only a number. anyone can be fit. >> solid muscle in her 60s, how her family history inspired her to train so far. >> from the weather center, good evening everyone. i was doing the math and i calculated that we were 25 degrees cooler today then yesterday and that is the reason why. the clouds and the effect of your weekend in the forecast, but where is vernon? >> i always deliver. we have had a brian wilson sighting at at&t park.
6:41 pm
and what is this 11 year-old petaluma girl weightlifting for? the story of this young nationa,
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>> you can call her one sick grandmother. a southern california woman beat out a group of women have for age in a recent bikini contest and says that anyone can do it. melissa mccarthy is here with a grandmother secret to stay fit. >> she has redefined the term " age defying " what lies beneath this did the mother of four children is solid muscle from head to toe, to the shock of most, this professional said this model is 64 years old. >> it shows that age is only a number. it is only a number. anyone can be fit. just because you are 60. >> her husband, also in his 60s. >> i married a fantastic element. you know, i knew that i was getting a gem when i married her but i did not know that she
6:45 pm
would be a crown jewel. >> she has won plenty of titles and has more than 20 fitness trophies beating out women half her age. and yes, she is more fit and tones and i am. >> she is pretty hot. >> she started building body at 51. >> it is not about body building, it is about living. >> adding to hard drive, family members that have died from bloohigh blood pressure and diabetes >> it is always a beginning >> every morning routine begins with stretching, a glass of room temperature water .. >> i run five or 6 mi. off >> after that she heads to her job working for the federal government and then trains clients at her gym. >> if you are 25 or 30 or 40, you can start right now. >> her mental and physical strength is an inspiration.
6:46 pm
>> she inspires me to try and be fit, but i will never be like her. >> she says that as long as she is greeting she will continue her fitness lifestyle, showing everyone that you can have the body wants at any age. >> the summer heat is lending itself to a particular type of tourism. business is booming at this in nudist resort south of sacramento. it is easy to find, just head down ron hyde lane, where sun drenched skinny dippers soak in the sun. >> it is a recreation like any other campground or resort. we have archery deer, water volleyball. >> are tree might be kind of dangerous. >> that is true. >> i don't even want to know.
6:47 pm
80 full-time residents call this place home and there's a day rate if you are feeling daring. just don't call it a comedy. the preferred term is " resort ". and you can wear shoes. >> with today's drop in temperature, i think i saw a goose bump or two. >> let's take a look at how cool it was today. a big-time drop from yesterday. but you started it, the mid 50's at the beaches today. only into the '70s in the inland areas. if you want to do a comparison, this was anywhere between nine and 25 degrees cooler than yesterday. 98 in concord and livermore. only in the mid-70s today, with a drop of 12 degrees in san jose. currently, if you're heading out for your friday night, this is what will greet you. '50s and '60s but the other side
6:48 pm
of the coin happens to be the gusty winds up to 26 mi. per hour. a western wind pushing all the clouds on short making tracks all the way into the sacramento valley. as far north of santa rosa. by lunchtime tomorrow we will start to see clearing partially along the seashore. allowing temperatures to one a few degrees in comparison to today. we will rebound slightly because this area of low pressure to the north of us enhancing the marine layer, deepening a to 2,000 ft.. you and i both know what happens, when the marine layer is that deep we wake up to a little bit of results. meanwhile into the valley tomorrow where we are talking about mid-90s and 20 percent chance of thunderstorms. 95 degrees in ukiah. parcel post a clearing, sunshine elsewhere, but mild. 50s tonight, better sleeping weather for all of us. low and mid '50s tomorrow 50's
6:49 pm
at the beaches and '60s and '70s along the peninsula, wrapping around to the santa clara valley. a few seventies and low '80s. brentwood, tracy, oakley, discovery bay, rio vista, '70s, no clearing at stinson beach and quite breezy. a carbon copy on sunday, and yes, unseasonably mild all the way around on monday to wednesday with gradual improvement and tenders by this, discover british columbia. visit:
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discover britvisit:lumbia.
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>> no question it is giants week. after four of their players sign shine at the all-star game. the astros in 43 madison baumgartner looking for no. 11 before the game, a moment. some kids will never forget. >> let's just play the music ... brian wilson has hosted several junior giants, the big
6:53 pm
item, he handed out 1000 baseball gloves, and each word guests of wilson's for the game. the whole certainly appreciate said. >> i would love the opportunity to come to a field and start to a professional baseball player and get a free glove. that would have been a awesome. >> are you ever going to play again? >> yes i will be playing again. i will play for another 10 years. i will be back next year opening day, and for the next 10 years in this city. if you guys want me, i don't know ... >> a little surprise for another pitcher, mark lapel return to school for his senior year after he could not come to terms on a contract with the pirates.
6:54 pm
he was drafted eighth overall last month. the nfl quarterback room breeze got paid. he and the saints agree to a five-year $100 million deal. 60 million of that deal guaranteed. that is an nfl record. are they getting their money's worth? in the past six seasons he has led the saints to their only super bowl title and has completed more passes in touchdown than any other nfl quarterback. check this runner at the chinese university games, blowing some hurdles and then it hit says that the heck with it and just smashes through every hurdle. all the way down. even falling, can then weaves into another lane. he does not care about the rules. but actually finished in fifth place before the penalties were assessed. obviously he been placed dead last. at 11 years old i have heard girls playing several sports,
6:55 pm
soccer, basketball, swimming. maybe gymnastics or ballet? but there's one petaluma girl in the gym lifting weights at an extremely competitive level. she is only 11 years old, but the petaluma seventh grader is a national weightlifting champion. >> i like getting pr ... >> what is that? >> a personal record. >> she took home a gold medal at the weight lifting nationals in dearborn michigan. she listed 81 lbs. and she only weighs 72. >> i got to go on an airplane and i got to go to michigan. >> are you proud of being a national champion? >> yes. >> weightlifting has helped her exceed in gymnastics, giving her an extra age over other
6:56 pm
athletes. >> i am faster. >> since weightlifting is a lower body dominant sports, and women's gymnastics is also lower body dominance, her tumbling has definitely improved, she can punch the floor harder and run faster. it was very explosive. >> you will not see glistening tanning lotion or flexing and grunting at the weightlifting club. her coach freddie miles says that they're not teaching these girls bodybuilding, >> at her age, we focus on technique number one, and not worrying about the weight she lists. >> one of the boys after she was a body builder when she wore a sweatshirt to school and she said " no ". >> masked how long she wants to be weightlifter? she says ... >> for ever and ever and ever ... >> she carried it den,,,,,,,,,,,
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what do the san jose giants the san francisco musician and as burger mom have uncommon? their age the rest of their lives is very different tonight a day in the life of three twentysomething bay aryans their successes and failures and their dreams. were your gotta get away for the day guide let's try a new place to eat guide your it happened here guide. were the tour guide with you in mind. eye on the bay. welcome to eye on the bay i'm brian hackney in


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